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View sign-in status of team members

Updated on May-2023

Viewing the sign-in status of team members refers to checking or monitoring the attendance or presence of team members at work. It involves tracking when team members arrive at the workplace or start their work shift and whether they have properly signed in or logged their attendance.

The Who Is In page, displays the sign-in status of your team member for a selected day. The sign-in status helps you as a manager to manage your employeesโ€™ attendance in a seamless manner. The page displays the information on the employeesโ€™ who are NOT YET IN, LATE ARRIVAL, ON TIME, and ON LEAVE for a selected date.ย 

To view the Who Is In page, click Attendance > Who Is In.

View attendance details of team members

To view the attendance details of your team members, perform the following actions:

  • On the Who Is In page, click the Calendar icon to select a date. The page now displays all the attendance-related details for the selected date.

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