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The Employee Information page helps you to view all your personal information available in the greytHR application. This page also aids you in viewing the information categorized under the following tabs:

  1. Personal

  2. Assets

  3. Accounts & Statutory

  4. Family

  5. Employment & Job

To navigate to the Employee Information page, click View My Info. The Employee Information page opens.


The Personal tab displays the following information:

  1. Profile
    The Profile card displays your profile picture, name, location, employee ID, primary contact number, company email, and extension number details.

  2. Personal
    The Personal card displays your blood group, marital status, date of birth, nationality, marriage date, spouse, place of birth, residential status, father name, religion, physically challenged status, your status as a national or an international employee.

  3. Address
    The Address card displays your contact address, emergency address, permanent address, present address, spouse address, name, email, phone numbers, mobile numbers, extension, and fax numbers.

  4. Education
    The Education card displays all your degree, duration, and institute information.


The Assets tab displays the information related to the assets issued to you by the organization:

  1. Access card details
    The Access card details card displays your card number, the validity of the card, and previously assigned cards & their validity.

  2. Assets
    The Assets card displays the asset type, asset details, and issue date. You can click More to view more related information.

Accounts & Statutory

The Accounts & Statutory tab displays the following information:

  1. Bank account
    The bank account card displays your bank name, bank account number, and bank branch. You can click More to view more related information.

  2. LWF account
    The LWF account card displays your eligibility.

  3. PF account
    The PF account card displays your PF number, eligibility, UAN, PF joining date, KYC status, and KYC Document. You can click More to view more related information

  4. Passport and visa
    The passport and visa card displays your passport numbers, validity dates, visa numbers, and validity. You can click More to view more related information.

  5. Other IDs
    The other IDs card displays other ID details such as the aadhaar card, bank account number, election card, and permanent account number. You can related information.


The Family tab displays your family members' personal and nomination information. Each card displays the following information:

  1. Details for each family member such as their name, date of birth, blood group, gender, nationality, passport details, and visa details.

  2. Nomination details and percentage for EPF, Gratuity, EPF, and Gratuity.

  3. Additional information such as family member is minor or not. Whether the family member is mentally ill or not.  You can click See details to view more information.

  4. You can also view your complete nomination Details represented in graphs under the Family tab.

Employment & Job

The Employment & Job tab displays the following information:

  1. Joining details
    The Joining Details card displays your confirmation date, current company experience, joining date, notice period, previous experience, probation period, status, and total experience.

  2. Current position
    The Current Position card displays your attendance scheme, company, cost center, department, designation, leave scheme, resignation and location. Click Show more to view more information. You can also click View Timeline to view the job transformation details. To learn more about the Resignation page, click here.

    Note: Editing your Personal, Assets, Accounts & Statutory, Family, and Employment & Job information depends on your admin configuration.

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