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Updated on May-2023

Employees viewing colleagues' information should be done in accordance with company policies, privacy regulations, and the principles of confidentiality and respect for personal data. While it's important for employees to have access to relevant information for collaboration and work-related purposes, there are typically limitations and safeguards in place to protect individual privacy.

The People page in the greytHR ESS portal helps you view the details of your team members and colleagues. The page displays the two tabs:

The page displays the following tabs:

  1. Directory - The tab provides detailed information about your team members and colleagues, such as Contact Details, Category, and Other Information.

  2. Org Chart - The tab displays the hierarchical structure of your colleagues and team members in a flow chart. You can view the entire org chart with different hierarchy levels. 

You can perform the following actions on the People page:

  1. View your co-workers’ details.

  2. View employee structure.

To view the People page, click People.

View your co-workers’ details

To view your co-workers’ details, perform the following actions:

  1. On the People page, click the Directory tab. The page displays the following tabs:

  2. Starred: The tab displays the co-workers that you marked as favorites. 

  3. Everyone: The tab displays a list of all your co-workers.

  4. My Team: The tab displays a list of your team members. You can only view the tab if you are a manager. 

  5. In the Enter Emp. Name or ID text box, search for the team member whose details you want to view. The page displays the details of the selected team member, such as Contact Details, Department, Location, Joining Date, and Date of Birth.

  6. Click the Star icon to mark the selected employee as your favorite.

View employee structure

To view the employee structure, perform the following actions:

  1. On the People page, click the Org Chart tab. The Everyone and My Team tabs appear.

  2. Click the Everyone tab. The tab displays the employee cards in a hierarchical structure. 

  3. Click the denoted number available below the required employee card. The card expands and displays all the team members reporting to the selected employee.
    Note: You can view a denoted number only below a manager’s card. 

  4. Click the My Team tab. You can view the team member’s cards in a hierarchical structure. Each card displays the employee's name, employee number, and designation.

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