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Home page of employee portal

Your Home page is the start-up page of the greytHR application. This page helps in facilitating navigation to other pages on the site.

On the Home page, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Track requests

  2. View upcoming holidays

  3. Mark your attendance

  4. Review workflow requests

  5. Complete data drive

  6. View payroll-related information

Here is a glimpse of the Home page:

Track requests

To track your requests, perform the following actions:

  1. Under the Track widget, click the item that you want to track. You will be redirected to the relevant page depending on the item you clicked. 

  2. On the redirected page, select the item that you want to track. 

  3. You can view or withdraw the details of your selected item. To view the details, click View Details to see the details of the selected item. To withdraw the particular request, click Withdraw to withdraw the selected item.

View upcoming holidays

Click Upcoming Holidays widget to navigate to the Holiday Calendar page. You can view all public holidays allotted for a year.

Mark attendance

Attendance is the only proof of your presence at the workplace. Therefore, you must mark your attendance every day as soon as you log in to your system at the workplace.
Under the Date widget, you can see Sign In/Sign Out button. Click Sign In button to mark your attendance for that day. Click the Sign Out button to sign out for the day.

Note: The availability of the Sign In/Sign Out feature on the Home page depends on your attendance marking setup of your organization.

Review workflow requests

The Review widget helps you to review the status of your and your teammate's requests. This widget displays the workflow requests such as attendance regularization, claims, leave, documents, and helpdesk requests. Whether you are a reporting manager or an employee, you might be required to review your teammate's workflow requests, such as helpdesk requests, claims, or attendance regularizations.

To review a request, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Home page, from the Review widget, click arrow > for the required request such as Attendance Regularization, Leave, Claim, Letter Request, or Helpdesk.

  2. The relevant page opens. On the recently opened page, you can view the complete details of the raised request. In addition, you can also view the Application Timeline of the request.

Complete data drive

Your HR admin might initiate the data drive for you to collect the aadhaar card, bank account, and vaccination drive details. After the admin has initiated the data drive, you can view a pop-up on the Home screen. Fill in the details as prompted in the pop-up to complete the data drive. In case you want to fill in the details later, on the pop-up, click Remind Me Later. To share the details of Aadhar card using data drive, perform the following actions:

  1. On your Home screen, in the My To-Dos widget, click the Update Aaadhar details. 

  2. Update Aaadhar details pop-up appears.

  3. Select I have a Aadhaar card option.

    Note: If you have applied for the Aadhaar card and have only an enrollment number, select the I have enrolled for Aadhaar card option.

  4. Using the Attachment option, attach the relevant documents. 

  5. Click Submit to submit your Aadhaar card details for the data drive.

Note: To complete the bank details and vaccination data drive, the process is similar. On your Home page, in the My To-Dos widget, click the Update Bank Details/Update Vaccination Details option and submit the required details to complete the drive.

View payroll-related information

The Payroll Widgets are the small components available on your ESS portal's Home page. Using the payroll widgets, you can view the basic payroll-related information without navigating to the respective pages. All the widgets provide the required action buttons. These action buttons act as navigation links to help you move to the relevant page quickly. You can view the following payroll widgets on your ESS Home page:

  1. Payslip: You can view the overview of your latest received salary in the Payslip widget. The Payslip widget displays a Donut chart representing the Gross Pay, Deduction, and Net Pay. It also displays the month & number of days for which you received the latest salary, amount of your Gross Pay, Deduction, and Net Pay. 
    The amount values in the payslip widget are hidden by default so that your privacy is not compromised while using the portal. You can view your salary amount and download the payslip in PDF format. To view your salary amount click Show Salary. To download the payslip, click the Download button.

  2. CTC breakup: You can view the monthly CTC Breakup of their latest received salary in the CTC Breakup widget. The widget displays a Donut chart representing various components such as Annual CTC, Fixed Gross, FBP Reimbursement, and Contribution to PF. It also displays the month for which you received the latest salary, the amount of their Annual CTC, Fixed Gross, FBP Reimbursement, and Contribution to PF. 
    The amount values in the payslip widget are hidden by default so that your privacy is not compromised while using the portal. To view your salary amount using the ESS portal, click Show Salary. 

  3. IT declaration: You can view the IT Declaration status such as Locked, Released, Declared, and Considered in the widget. The widget displays the required action buttons such as View and Declare based on the status of your IT Declaration. 

  4. FBP declaration: In the widget, you can view your FBP Declaration status such as Locked, Released, Declared, and Considered. The action button such as View and Declare displays in the widget. You can click the button to take the next step.

  5. POI declaration: Similar to IT Declaration and FBP declaration widget, the POI widget provides your status information of the POI form such as Released, Re-released, Locked, Pending for Review, Reviewed, and Considered.  The widget provides the action button such as View and Declare to you to take the next step. 

  6. Quick access: This widget provides a quick navigation link to the various payroll-related pages. These pages are IT Statement, Reimbursement Payslip, CTC Payslip, YTD Statement, PF YTD Statement, and Loan Statement. Click the required → to navigate to the respective page.

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