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Download documents and raise letter requests

Updated in March-2024Ā |Ā Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

A document center page for employees is a centralized location or webpage where employees can access important documents and resources related to their employment. It serves as a repository of essential information, policies, forms, templates, and other documents that employees may need during their employment journey.

TheĀ DocumentĀ CenterĀ page in the greytHR ESS portal contains all the documents and letters related to you, such asĀ previous employment information, qualifications, payslips, company forms, and Form 16. This page helps to segregate all your documents available in one place and at any point in time. You can view and download these documents for your reference.Ā 

To view theĀ Document CenterĀ page, clickĀ Document Center.

You can perform the following actions on the Document Center page:

  1. Download documents and letters.

  2. Raise letter request.

Documents are categorized under the following tabs:

  1. Payslips:Ā ThisĀ option gives you access to all the payslips released by the companyĀ toĀ date in chronological order.

  2. Form 16: This form is the TDS certificate provided by the employer certifying details regarding the salary you have earned during the year. TDS also tells you the amount which has been deducted from your salary.Ā Here,Ā you can download the form to view this informationĀ afterĀ it is released by your HR.

  3. Overtime payslips: This option gives you access to all the payslips related to overtime which are released by the company to dateĀ in chronological order.

  4. Company policies: This option displays all the company policies. You can download these company policies.

  5. Forms: This option contains all the forms and policies released by your company, for example, HR policies, IT policies, Provident Fund forms, and Company Leave policies.

  6. Letters: This option contains all the letters issued to you, such as appointment letter, address proof letter, confirmation letter, increment letter, etc. You can also raise the request for specific letters. You can view the option of raising a request only if your company has opted forĀ the Letter Request Workflow option.

Download documents and letters

You can download your relevant documents from the given categories. To download these documents, perform the followingĀ actions:

  1. On theĀ Document CenterĀ page, under Documents, point to the relevant category andĀ clickĀ View All. The relevant category page opens.

    Note: The different categories are Payslips,Ā Overtime Payslips,Ā Company Policies,Ā Form 16,Ā Forms, andĀ Letters.

  2. Navigate to relevant documents using theĀ Jump ToĀ navigation list.

  3. Click theĀ arrowĀ >Ā to view the download link.

  4. Click theĀ DownloadĀ iconĀ to download the required documents.

Raise letter request

The option of requesting a letter is available for you only if it is opted for by your company. To raise a letter request, perform the following actions:

  1. On theĀ Document CenterĀ page, underĀ Request, clickĀ View All. TheĀ LettersĀ page opens.

  2. Under theĀ Request LetterĀ tab, under theĀ ApplyĀ tab, you can view theĀ New RequestĀ form. From theĀ Letter TypeĀ dropdown list, select the required letter type.

  3. From theĀ PriorityĀ dropdown list, select the urgency of generating the letter.Ā 

  4. In theĀ ReasonĀ text box, specify the reason for raising the required letter.Ā 

  5. ClickĀ SubmitĀ to raise the request for the required letter.

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