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Apply for permission on behalf of your team member

There can be a situation where your team member needs to visit a customer’s site or log in late for any reason. Sometimes, employees might not be able to apply for permission themselves due to certain reasons.

The Permissions page in the greytHR ESS portal helps you to apply for permission on behalf of your team member. Applying for permission helps your team member avoid regularizing attendance for a particular day. The feature also enables you to foresee the team's availability and plan deliverables seamlessly. You can view Apply, Pending, and History tabs on the page.

To view the Permissions page, click Attendance > Permissions.

Apply for permission on behalf of an employee

To apply for permission on behalf of an employee, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Permissions page, from the Me dropdown list, select the employee for whom you want to apply for permission. The page displays the calendar of the selected employee.

  2. Select the required date from the calendar. A form appears on a date card.
    Note: You can also use the Quick Add button to add the past exception dates.

  3. In the Add CC dropdown search box, search for the employee you want to inform regarding the permission.

  4. In the Remarks text box, enter a valid remark for permission.

  5. From the Permission Type dropdown list, select the required permission type.

  6. In the From Time and To Time text box, enter the required time for which the employee needs to take permission.

  7. In the Reason description box, enter the valid reason for applying for permission.
    Note: You can view the reviewer’s name for the application on the date card if you have selected the mode Apply On Behalf

  8. Click Apply to apply for permission on behalf of the employee.
    Note: You can also apply for multiple permissions on behalf of an employee by clicking Add More option.

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