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Updated in February-2024 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Managers typically have the responsibility and authority to view their direct reports' performance reports and relevant work-related information. This access is essential for effective performance management, providing feedback, and making informed decisions regarding employee development, recognition, and goal setting.

The Reports Gallery page in the greytHR ESS portal allows you as a manager to view and generate various reports under different categories such as payroll, attendance, claims, etc. The page helps you to view your teammates’ information in the form of a report. You can also customize the reports you want to generate.

To view the Reports Gallery page, click Reports Gallery.

Generate report

The Reports Gallery page displays a complete list of all the reports you can generate as a manager. To generate a report, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Home page, click Reports Gallery. The Reports Gallery page opens.

  2. Click a report which you want to generate and download. For example: Leave Balance As On A Day.

  3. The Leave Balance As On A Day pop-up appears.

  4. Fill in all the details as per your requirements. From the Date drop-down calendar, select the date for which you want to view the leave balance.

  5. Using the check box, select the employees for whom you want to view the leave balance.

  6. Click Options to customize the report further. The Leave Balance As On A Day options pop-up appears.

  7. From the Display Category drop-down list, select the required category.

  8. Select the remaining options as per your requirement. 

  9. From the Report Output Type drop-down list, select the output type you want to generate and download.

  10. Click Save to save the customization options. Click Close to close the Leave Balance As On A Day options pop-up. 

  11. In the Leave Balance As On A Day pop-up, click Run to generate and view the report.

          Note: Steps for customizing each report vary.

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