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Review workflow requests of team members

Updated on May-2023

Reviewing a team member's workflow request typically involves assessing the details and information provided by the team member to determine the feasibility, alignment with objectives, and resource requirements of the request.

The Review page in the greytHR ESS portal helps you as a manager to review the status of your teammate's requests. The page displays status and timelines for the workflow requests such as attendance regularization, claims, leave, documents, resignations, and help desk requests.

On the Review page, you can review the following workflow requests:

  • Attendance regularizations

  • Permission

  • Overtime

  • Claims

  • Leave

  • Loan

  • Letters

  • Resignations

  • Helpdesk

You can perform the following actions on the Review page:

  1. Review team member’s workflow request.

  2. View team member’s closed workflow request.

To view the Review page, click Tasks > Review.

Review team member’s workflow request

As a reporting manager, you might need to review your teammate's workflow requests, such as Attendance regularizations or Resignations. In such scenarios, you can view your teammate's active requests under the Active tab. You can also view the closed requests under the Closed tab.
To review your team member’s workflow request, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Review page, select the required category from the workflow category menu.

  2. Click View Details for the request you want to review. The relevant page opens.
    Note: The Application Timeline displays the detailed history of the raised request such as the date on which the request was submitted & accepted and with whom the request is pending. You can also post a comment with an attachment in the ticket using the Application timeline.

  3. After your review, take the necessary action as per your requirements such as Withdraw/Accept/Forward/Accept & Forward/Revoke/Resolve

View closed requests

Sometimes you might need to revisit the old requests raised by your teammates. You can view the request you have already reviewed and approved/forwarded/rejected under the Closed tab.
To view an already reviewed request, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Review page, select the required category from the workflow category menu. 

  2. Under the Closed tab, from the Select date range dropdown calendar, select a date range between which you want to view the requests. A list of requests appears.

  3. In the Search Employee search box, search for the employee whose request you want to view. A list of requests raised by the selected employee displays.

  4. Click View Details of the required request to view the complete details.

  5. The relevant page opens. On this page, you can view the complete details of the raised request. You can also view the Application Timeline of the request. 

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