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Add workflow delegates

The Workflow Delegates page helps you to manage your work more conveniently and in improving the workflow. The workflow delegates feature can help you to focus on other high-priority and productive activities. For example, you can delegate your review tasks to other supervisors or managers in your absence, and you can concentrate on other core activities.

You can delegate a supervisor/manager to review and approve the workflow applications during your absence. The authority to approve the workflow applications is now solely with the acting manager.

To navigate to the Workflow Delegates page, click Workflow Delegates.

Add workflow delegate

To add a new workflow delegate, perform the following actions:

  1. On your Home page, click Workflow Delegates. The Workflow Delegates page opens. 

  2. Click Add Delegates button to delegate the workflow.

  3. From the Workflow dropdown list, select the required workflow. 

  4. Choose the duration of workflow delegates by selecting From Date and To Date from the date picker.

  5. From the Delegatee dropdown list, select the required employee for whom you want to delegate the workflow.

  6. Click Submit to add and delegate the new workflow. A success message appears displaying Added Workflow Delegate entry!. Also, a row appears in the Workflow Delegates table with details of the delegated employee. The system sends a notification to the delegate who can now approve workflow requests.