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View and create tasks

Updated in November-2023ย |ย Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

In organizations, departments such as HR & Finance undertake recurring activities that need coordination between multiple stakeholders, follow-ups, and collaboration. Such actions can lead to a lot of human error and are difficult to manage and track.

The Tasks page on the greytHR ESS portal allows you to view and add the tasks. The page helps the concerned department to keep track of such activities by creating and assigning tasks.

You can view and search for the ongoing and completed tasks using the Open and Completed tab.

To view the Tasks page, click To do > Tasks.

You can perform the following actions on the Tasks page:

  1. View existing tasks

  2. Create new task

View existing tasks

You can view the required tasks by applying the filters. The filters help you to customize the task list. To apply the filters, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Tasks page, click the Filter icon. The Apply Filter widget opens.

  2. From the Smart Filters, Priority, and Assignee dropdown list, select the required filter items.ย 

  3. From the Due Date dropdown calendar, select the due date for completing the task.ย 

  4. Under the Checklists, from the dropdown search box, enter the checklist name.ย 

  5. Under Tags, from the search box, search for the required tags.

  6. Click Apply to apply the category filter. You will see a confirmation message as Filter Applied.

Create new task

To create a new task, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Tasks page, click Add new task. The Add task window opens.ย 

  2. In the Task Name text box, enter the name of your task.

  3. Click Assignee. The Search Assignee search box opens. In the search box, enter the employee name or ID to whom you want to assign this task.ย 

  4. From the Checklist dropdown list, select the checklist under which you want to assign the new task.

  5. Select the Priority option Low/Medium/High as per your requirements.

  6. From the Due Date dropdown calendar, select the due date of the task.ย 

  7. In the Tags search box, search for the required tag.

  8. From the Add followers dropdown list, select the required followers.

  9. In the Description textbox, enter the task description.ย 

  10. Click the Attach hyperlink to attach the required file of the task. The dialog box appears.

  11. In your system, browse to the folder, select the file, and click Open.

  12. Click Save changes to create a new task.

Note: You can sort the opened/completed task by clicking header items such as Task, Checklist, Assignee, Priority, and Completed On.ย 

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