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Override team member’s attendance

Updated in February-2024 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Overriding team members' attendance on a mobile application refers to the capability of managers or supervisors to manually modify or adjust a team member's recorded attendance data. It allows managers to correct attendance records or make necessary changes when an employee's actual attendance differs from the recorded information.

The Attendance Override screen in the greytHR Mobile application allows you to override the attendance of your team member. The screen allows you to override the attendance session-wise or time-wise.

To view the Attendance Override screen, from the greytHR Mobile application, navigate to Explore > Attendance > Attendance Override.

Override team member’s attendance

As a manager, you can override your team member’s attendance at your fingertips. To override your team member’s attendance from your mobile, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Attendance Override screen, tap the Search your teammate search box. A pop-up appears.

  2. In the Type to search search box, enter the teammate’s name or ID. A calendar displays on the screen.

  3. Select a date from the calendar. The screen displays the selected date cards.
    Note: You can also select multiple dates to override the attendance.

  4. Tap the Override button. The Status Override and  Time Override tabs appear.

  5. To override the attendance status-wise, under the Status Override tab, from the Session 1 and Session 2 dropdown lists, select the options, as per your requirements.

  6. Tap Save to override the attendance of your team member. The Attendance Override confirmation pop-up appears.

  7. Tap Confirm to complete the process.

  8. To override the attendance time-wise, under the Time Override tab, from the First In Time and Last Out Time dropdown lists, select the required time and click Confirm.

  9. Tap Save. The Attendance Override confirmation pop-up appears.

  10. Tap Confirm. A success message appears.
    Note: If you override both status and time, you can view the Status and Time updated on the date card.

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