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View your attendance information for a month

Updated in March-2024 |ย Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Viewing attendance information on a mobile app refers to the ability of employees to access and review their attendance records. It allows employees to conveniently check their attendance details on the go. They no longer need to use traditional methods such as paper-based attendance registers or accessing a computer.

The Attendance Info screen in the greytHR Mobile application allows you to keep track of your swipes, holidays, leave, overtime, and shift details. The screen also displays the current attendance month which you can change as per your requirements.

To view the Attendance Info screen, from the greytHR Mobile application, navigate to Explore > Attendance > Attendance Info.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to Action > Attendance Info.

View your detailed attendance information for a month

To view your detailed attendance information for a month, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Attendance Info screen, you can view the Avg. Work Hrs, Avg. Actual Work Hrs, and Penalty Days for a month.

  2. On the calendar, tap a particular date. The screen displays the shift type for the selected date.

    Note: Tap the Show Legend button to view the different legends that represent Shift Codes, Status, and Leave Type on your calendar.

  3. You can also tap the Status Details, Session Details, Swipes, and Permission buttons one by one to view the complete information.

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