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Review team member's helpdesk requests

Updated in March-2024 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Employees submit helpdesk requests when they need guidance, troubleshooting, or resolution for issues that could hinder their productivity or impede task completion.

Helpdesk requests are inquiries or assistance sought by employees from the organization's helpdesk or IT support team. These requests can cover various topics, including technical problems, software glitches, hardware malfunctions, account access issues, password resets, or any challenges faced while performing job responsibilities.

Whenever team members submit helpdesk requests, as a manager, you must review and take necessary action to proceed further.

The Review screen in the greytHR Mobile application allows you to accept, forward, and resolve your team member's helpdesk requests. You can also view all the closed requests.

To view the Review screen, from the greytHR Mobile application, navigate to Explore > To Do > Review.

You can also review the following workflow requests on the Review screen:

  • Attendance Regularization

  • Permissions

  • Leave

  • Leave Cancel

  • Leave Comp Off

  • Restricted Holiday Leave

Review team member’s helpdesk request

To review your team member’s regularization request, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Review screen, you can view various request cards. Tap the required card. For example - Helpdesk. The Active and Closed tabs appear.

    Note: You can also view the total number of helpdesk requests mentioned on the card.

  2. Under the Active tab, select the required employee's helpdesk request card.

  3. Tap the Accept/Resolve buttons to accept/resolve the request. The Accept Request/Resolve Request pop-up appears.

  4. Tap Confirm to complete your action. A success message appears.

  5. Tap the Forward button if you want to forward the request to another employee. A pop-up appears.

  6. From the Forward to dropdown list, select the required employee.

  7. In the Reason description box, enter the relevant reason to forward the request.

  8. Tap Forward to confirm forwarding the request.

Note: You can also view all the approved/forwarded/resolved requests under the Closed tab.

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