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Apply, view and withdraw resignation application

If an employee wants to leave the organisation due to any reason, then the employee needs to initiate the resignation process. The employee resignation process is now easy and straightforward with our new Resignation module. You can now resign by applying through our greytHR employee portal and track the entire process as well.

The Resignation page helps you to perform the following actions: 

  • Apply for resignation

  • View/Withdraw resignation application

  • View resignation history

To navigate to the Resignation page, click View My Info > Employment & Job > Current Position > Resign. 

Apply resignation

To apply for resignation, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Resignation page, under Apply tab, click Apply for Resignation to initiate your resignation process. 

  2. From the Submission Date dropdown calendar, select the submission date of resignation. 

  3. From the Required LWD dropdown calendar, select the required last working date.

    Note: After you select Submission Date and Required LWD, the Tentative LWD and Shortfall Days auto-populates. The Tentative LWD displays the provisional last working date as per the company's notice period policy. The Shortfall Days displays the number of shortfall days with respect to the company's notice period policy. 

  4. From the Reason dropdown list, select the reason for your resignation. 

  5. Your reporting manager will automatically be displayed in Applying to search box. If you want to forward your resignation request to a different manager, you can search for the manager manually in the search box by typing their name.

  6. In the Alternate Email ID text box, enter your alternate Email ID. 

  7. In the Alternate Mobile Number text box, enter your alternate mobile number.

  8. In the Remarks text box, enter the remarks if any. 

  9. Click Attachment to attach any resignation related documents or images. 

    Note: You can attach only a maximum of 10 documents.  

  10. Click Submit to apply for resignation. A confirmation pop-up appears. 

  11. Click Confirm to submit your resignation application. A success message appears. 

View/Withdraw resignation application

The pending tab displays the initiated resignation from an employee, however, is in the pending state. The pending tab also allows you to withdraw or view details of your pending resignation.

To view/withdraw a resignation application, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Resignation page, click the Pending tab. You can view your resignation status with the timeline here.

  2. To withdraw a pending resignation, click the particular resignation.

  3. Click Withdraw to pull back your resignation request. Withdraw your application pop-up window appears. 

  4. Under Withdraw your application, you can see a text box. Enter your resignation withdrawal reason in the text box. 

  5. Click Withdraw to submit your withdrawal request. A success message appears.

View resignation history

The history tab displays the past record of resignations. You can view the details of your accepted/forwarded/revoked/withdrawn resignations here. 

To view the history of a resignation application, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Resignation page, click the History tab.

  2. To view the details of resignation history, click the particular resignation.

  3. Click View Details to view the details of the selected resignation. The View Details page opens and you can view the complete details of your selected resignation.