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Raise and view helpdesk tickets

Updated in June-2023

Helpdesk is a greytHR internal ticketing system that helps an employee to raise a ticket to solve the queries.Β 

The Helpdesk page in the greytHR ESS portal allows you as an employee to raise tickets under various categories such as employee information, salary information, IT support etc. These categories can be monitored by various reviewers and are based on your company’s configurations. You can also view comments posted by the reviewer on the application timeline of the ticket.Β 

To view the Helpdesk page, click Helpdesk.

You can view the following tabs on the Helpdesk page:

  • Active: The tab displays all the helpdesk tickets that are still pending for solution.Β 

  • Closed: The tab displays all the helpdesk tickets that are resolved/withdrawn.

You can perform the following actions on the Helpdesk page:

  1. Raise a helpdesk ticket.

  2. Withdraw helpdesk ticket.

Raise helpdesk ticket

To raise a new helpdesk ticket, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Helpdesk page, click New Request to raise a ticket. The New Request pop-up appears.

  2. From the Category dropdown list, select a relevant category.

  3. In the Subject textbox, enter a short and descriptive subject line of the request.

  4. In the Description textbox, enter detailed information about the new request.

  5. Click the Attach File option to attach any relevant document of the request. A window appears.

  6. Browse the required file and click Open.Β 

  7. From the Priority dropdown list, select the required priority of the request.Β 

  8. Click Submit to raise the ticket. A success message appears.Β 

Withdraw helpdesk ticket

To withdraw a helpdesk ticket, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Helpdesk page, under the Active tab, select the required helpdesk ticket that you want to withdraw. The ticket expands.

  2. Click View Details. The Helpdesk - View Details page appears and displays the details of the request.

  3. In the Application Timeline card, in the Comments textbox, enter the comments for your reviewer, if any.
    Note: It is not a mandatory step to post comments.Β 

  4. Click Post to post your comments.Β 

  5. Click Withdraw. The help desk ticket is withdrawn successfully.Β 

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