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View leave balances

Updated in November-2023ย |ย Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Leave balances refer to the amount of time off or leave entitlement that an employee has accrued and has available to use. The specific types of leaves may vary depending on the organization's policies, but common leave types include vacation leave, sick leave, personal leave, and other types of time-off categories.

The Leave Balances page in the greytHR ESS portal displays a quick overview of all your eligible leave and leave balances for a particular year. You can plan your leave based on the information given on this page. You can also view complete leave-related information here.ย 

The page allows you to download leave transactions for a particular year. You can also apply for different types of leave using the Apply option.ย 

To view the Leave Balances page, click Leave > Leave Balances.

The page displays the following information:

  • Different types of leave cards.

  • Total number of leave days granted for each leave type.

  • Number of leave days availed for each leave type.ย 

Download leave transaction report

To download your leave transaction report, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Leave Balances page, click the Download icon. The Download Leave Transaction Report pop-up appears.ย 

  2. From the From date and To date dropdown calendars, select the required date range for which you want to download the leave transaction report.ย 

  3. From the Leave type dropdown list, select the required leave type.ย 

  4. From the Transaction dropdown list, select the required transaction type.

  5. From the Sort by dropdown list, select the relevant option.

  6. Click Download. The report downloads in PDF format.ย 

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